Sunday, July 8, 2007

Washington D.C.

Yesterday, we headed to Washington DC to sightsee. We got there late Saturday night and run through the FDR Memorial. This morning we started early thinking to beat the heat. Not happening. It was 99 degrees in DC today! The wind felt like a hot blow dryer hitting your face. Nevertheless, we were only there for one day and wanted to fit as much in as we could. We started at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. It was a very quiet and respectful place. We located a family member's name (on my dad's side), and got a tracing of it. Then we headed to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, the Korean War Memorial, the WW2 Memorial, and the Washington Memorial. Then we went to the Smithsonian. We chose the 2 Chinese art displays (very old and beautuful sculptures and pottery) and the aviation displays to see. We also saw a special display called Treasures of American History - such as Dorothy's red slippers from The Wizard of Oz and Jackie Kennedy's inaugural gown. This was definately cool. Then we headed down to the White House, or should I say near the White House. We could not get too close at all. I understand the need for security, but we were somewhat disappointed not to be able to see more of it. We were just about melted into puddles by then, so we headed out. We ate, returned to our camper, hit the showers and are now relaxing in our AC. It has been a long day, but one full of great memories.


Carey said...

Wow, you guys packed a ton of stuff into one day! Looks like you had a fun time, though. Hope you get to relax more today!

May Momma said...

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