Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hello friends! Yes I am finally back home! Quick catch up: We spent a total of 3 weeks in Virginia Beach. We came home for 5 days to unpack and repack for our mission trip to Buffalo New York. We took a group of 21 to stay at McKinley High School in Buffalo with 400 other youth and adults. While there, we worked on houses that had been condemned by the city. We made the necessary improvements to enable the homeowners to keep their houses. In all we renovated around 40 houses. During our day off, we went to see Niagra Falls. It was awesome! Talk about the power of the Living God. It was a nice reminder of how big God is and how small I am. We stayed in New York for 9 days and finally are home to stay!!!! Unfortunately, I became sick as soon as I got home. I have bronchitis, but at least my chest x-ray was negative for pnumonia! So, I am on the couch today with my fuzzy blanket and some iced tea, trying to catch up with my bloggy friends!! But that is not the biggest news: OUR DTC IS 7-27-07!!!! Yes we are finally finished with our paparchase! We haven't received our LID yet, which has kind of surprized me. How long did it take you all to received your LIDs? Anyway, it is so good to be home!


Steffie B. said...

Well I am so glad to hear from you. First blogger never, never leave and not tell us! ;) I was worried! It sounds like you have had a great summer!

Woo-hoo on your DTC....that is great. You may not hear for a little bit yet.....don't worry about it yet!

Glad you are home!

Carey said...

Hey, just catching up on your blog in between trying to settle in. Congrads on your DTC!! It's so awesome to have that paperwork done! Our LID was about a month after DTC, and we didn't hear about it until about 6 weeks after DTC. Hang in there!