Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ornaments Found

I found the ornaments I was missing. 

Well, technically, they were right there on the tree, but hey, it's my blog! 


These are the ornaments we bought to commemorate expecting Sarah in '95.

Also, the funeral home who took care of us when we lost Derrick this year held a memorial service for all the families that lost loved ones during the year.  They gave Hannah a gold ornament engraved with Derrick's name.  They gave other family members these ornaments.  One is an angel and the other is a teardrop.  I wanted to get something to commemorate his passing, but I didn't know what to get.  So this was such a blessing.

Here is the finished tree before Sydney got to it.  Now the bottom 2 1/2 feet of it is pretty sad.

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