Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy Big Family

Yep that's what Abbey is calling us.  I think she has figured out that life will not be boring in our house.  Our family laughs a lot and at times is just plain nuts.  But we are not boring. 

Abbey is settling in well and I think is doing great.  She still has some moments that I think she may be sad or feel left out of the fast moving conversation, but they are not very often.  She has contacted several friends back in Luoyang using QQ.  She has also contacted several Luoyang friends who are already here in the States.  Tonight during our grandson's t-ball game we were able to call Macy from the KC area.  She has been home since August-ish.  Her mom, Lori, and I have formed a friendship through our adoptions and she is a sweet freind to me.  We called her during the game and Abbey and Macy were able to talk for a good long time.  It was also hilarious for us to watch people walk by and hear Abbey speaking Chinese.  They would whip their heads around with this crazy look on their faces.  HeeHee.  Here are a few pics I managed to take before Abbey turned around to face the other way.  Typical teenager.
And here are a few more pics I took tonight.  I looked at my camera and I had not taken one pic since returning from China.  Shame on me!

These are only of Bryce because Jayden would not get his picture taken.  I"ll have to get him next time.  But look how tough Bryce looks without his front tooth!  Grrrrrrrr!

Ashlyn and Sarah are in volleyball camp this week, it is pretty quiet around here during the day.  But tomorrow Abbey, Sydney, and I will go to town.  Abbey's glasses are ready and we will get to pick them up.  And yes I will get pictures for y'all.


Lori said...

It was so great talking to you tonight! I'm so happy that Abbey's transition is going so smoothly! And yeah, listening to our girls chatter away was fun. They are so cute!

I'll let you know about getting together on the 11th. Sounds like great fun!!

Love you, friend!

Toni Tralala said...

Look at the smile on Abbey's face! I'm certain that she feels the love in your house. She's a wonderful addition. :)

A beautiful family! <3