Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching up with Ashlyn

Ashlyn is a Senior.

Let that sit a minute.

She is a Senior in High School.

She is looking at colleges.

Colleges are looking at her.

I am looking at locks and chains for her bedroom door.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

I am in utter disbelief that this child of mine that I've begged to stay little forever is very much indeed growing up.  But I am in awe of how she has grown in the last 6 months.  She is growing into a beautiful young woman.  She is a compassionate, kind and crazy person who can speak her mind against you and still have you liking her. 

She is completing her final year of high school and finishing up her high school athletic career.  She is considering trying to play volleyball for colleges, contemplating trying out for a few. 

She is thoroughly loving her final year in school with her friends.  They are such a fun bunch of kids and I have loved watching them grow up together.  They have won our local Fall Festival every year except one.  They are so goofy and funny and able to laugh at themselves.  I cannot imagine them not being together.  This year Ashlyn was retiring queen and she got to crown one of her best friends, RayVen, as the new queen.  Trivial in the grand scheme of things?  Yes.  But I still got a little misty....

I am so proud of the example Ashlyn is setting for her little sisters.  And she has made it pretty easy on her parents too.  So far. 

She has such a sweet faith in Jesus.  She just knows that He loves her and has a plan for her.  I am sure she will have a lot of struggles and challenges as she embarks on this next season of life and tries to find her place in this big crazy world.

But I've got to tell you.....

I just cannot wait to watch.

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Carey said...

Love catching up with your family! Beautiful.