Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend was Ashlyn's prom. 

We spent the day Saturday primping, polishing, curling, and laughing.  I have fixed her hair for all of her big events and I wondered if she would want me to do it again.  She did and I had a blast doing it. 

It was raining all day that day and only cleared up as we were driving to meet up with her friends for pictures.  But as only God can do, a bright rainbow appeared followed by brilliant sunshine, perfect for pictures!

First we had to stop by my grandma's and show her Ashlyn's dress.  Grandma told Ashlyn she looked beautiful.

Nana bought Sydney a "prom dress" too.  She thougth she was hot stuff!

Ash and her friend forever, RayVen.

When did they grow up?
I must have blinked.

Does she love her big sister or what?

So stinkin cute!

Ashlyn and Me

Ashlyn and her date, Evan.  He is a sweet buddy to Ashlyn and a real good kid!

I was happy they went togother.  They are alot alike.

Brooke, Cody, Ashlyn, Evan, RayVen, and Shawn.
Good friends!

She had a good time and it kept me very busy during the latter part of the week.  Busyness is a good thing as we still wait patiently (~ahem~) for TA. 

Four weeks today of the 3-5 week estimated wait. 

But who's counting?

Our update did contain new measurements.  It stated that she was 5'1" and weighed 110 lbs.  If anyone has a daughter about that size and can give me a guess as to what size clothing she will wear, I would really appreciate it.  Of course, you always should take this kind of info with a grain of salt, as proven by her updated foot length.  Apparently our new daughter has sprouted feet that are 38 cm long, which is about 15 inches.

Shouldn't be too long now until we can go get ole Bigfoot!


The Edin Family said...

hahaha! You are so funny! Just wanted to say that before I had my baby boy I was 5'4 110 lbs and I wore a size two (petite or short) pants and small-xtr small shirt. Hope that helps!! SO excited for you all! Our family is praying for you all!

Patty said...

Ellie is just slightly smaller then that--by about an inch and just a couple pounds. Clothes are sooooo tricky---Ellie has to try on everything and mostly Jr's size 3-5 fit pretty well. But I'd buy very very little right now and try to get as much as you can over there as she will fit the clothes better and like the style better! For shirts you should be safe in the Jr's with a size small!

living4him5 said...

Aw, great pics!! Abbey is teeny tiny, I have no idea what size that would be these days?? I'm going to bring a few things for Madelyn to get by and then take her shopping while in China for a few outfits. =)

Amy <><

Lori said...

I totally agree with Patty...the clothes in China, ESPECIALLY the jeans, fit these girls the best. We bought two pairs but I really wish we had bought more! But Old Navy seems to fit Macy the best here.

LOVE the prom pics! GORGEOUS girls! And that Sydney just sparkled as if she was the queen of the party! Love that!

COME ON TA!!!!! But get ready cause once it's here, you are going to be in high-gear getting everything ready to go! Macy is so happy that you are leaving *soon*!!

Wish you guys were going to be in Seattle this weekend with us!! We'll miss you! But we'll see ya this summer for sure!

Cari said...

I just love Ashlyn's dress!