Sunday, February 24, 2008

Report from Orphanage

We received a report from the orphanage on Sydney's development.

February 14, 2007
Hua Zhou City Social Welfare Institute

Update on Ji Xiang Shi’s Development

Ji Xiang Shi, female, has been cared in the orphanage together with other children. Affected by the continuous cold and rainy weather for over a month, the number of activities that Xiang Shi participated has been reduced comparatively, and there is not much change in her physical abilities. However, she still likes to play. When the nanny with whom she is familiar is waiting by her side, she will show her happy smile, and hope to be hugged. With her development, we find that she is more sociable and outgoing, and knows how to make the nannies happy. As to her language and mental development, she can still babble. She gets well with the other children in the room, and is a kind and lovely little girl who is loved by all.

Here are her current measurements: height (67.5 centimeters), weight (7.26 kilograms), head circumference (44 centimeters), chest circumference (42 centimeters), length of food (11.5 centimeters). She has 2 upper teeth and 2 lower teeth.

This child is outgoing. She presents as a kind and friendly child. She is not used to a strange environment and tends to cry and make troubles. When she is in the playroom, she likes to play in the group. Since she is not able to walk on her own, she often crawls to get the toys and play with others. She can stand only by holding to the supporting objects, such as the bed or toys. She is attentive to colorful and familiar musical toys, and is very happy when playing with them. She has fair skin, but since she often sucks her own hands, her face is chapped and cracked. We are using skin lotion on her face. With the arrival of warm weather, we believe that the situation of her face will turn better very quickly.

Her daily routine is normal. Our nannies feed her with milk paste along with some nutrient porridge every meal to enhance her absorption of the nutrition and help her development. Although the weather here is very cold recently, we use the heating system to keep the bedroom warm day and night to make sure that she has a sweet and sound sleep. She is wearing diapers. Her bowel movement and urinations are normal.

On the 29th day of last month, the adoptive family entrusted Hua Zhou City Bao Wei Hotel
[1] to send a birthday cake for little Xiang Shi. We celebrated this happy day with the other children and the nannies in the orphanage. It seemed that little Shi Xiang knew that her Mom and Dad were welcoming her and looking forward to getting her; she played with the nannies all the time and smiled happily a lot. We wanted to send you the photos of her birthday celebration and of her daily life, but since we took these photos by using the disposable cameras, we will return the cameras at the adoption time. To meet the adoptive family’s needs, I am now enclosing 8 recent photos of little Xiang Shi in the playroom, hoping that these photos will bring happiness to the adoptive family.

Hua Zhou City Social Welfare Institute

[1] The cake company that uses has a network of companies to send cakes all over China. Hua Zhou City Bao Wei Hotel is in this network. – Note by Adele Hall

Oh how I want to go get her today! But I will wait until God's perfect time to snatch her up! Wayne and I laughed at the statement "She is not used to a strange environment and tends to cry and make troubles." We are bringing this child to the other side of the Earth! She might be making some troubles! So funny!

More later.....


Carey said...

How wonderful that you've gotten this update! It's so hard to wait, isn't it, for God's timing! Thankfully, we know He knows best or it would be impossible to wait!

A suggestion for dry skin. Jaden had terribly dry skin even though we took him home in the summertime. It was very rough all over. The baby lotions I tried made him break out in a rash. Another adoptive mom suggested Aveeno, and the rash cleared right up and now he has baby soft skin!

Steffie B. said...

How wonderful to get an update. Any idea on TA?