Friday, February 29, 2008

WE GOT TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been stalking my email for my TA. When I am out, I use my iPhone to check it. I have been going a little batty about it. I just kept remembering how long we waited for our LOA. We must have set a record. Anyway, we were out of the house from 8am-11pm yesterday. I checked my email all day. On Rumor Queen, tons of TAs arrived. All of them with my dates. When we got home I was kind of bummed. Wayne goes and checks his email for business stuff, and there it is! They have never sent anything to his address. Anyway, we got TA!!!!! We should get travel dates today or early next week! I hate to be pushy, but please God don't make me wait over the weekend!!!!

In other news, Ashlyn's basketball season is over. She played for first place in districts last night. The girls played so tough but were beat by Delta. We are such a young team. We have 8 players, 3 freshman and 5 juniors. Delta has 10 players, with 7 being seniors. On the up side, just wait until next year! We lose no players, and gain a year's worth of tough experience.

Sarah has started cheerleading. Her first game is Tuesday. She is doing pretty good with her costochondritis. She is only supposed to do the light stuff. She still has pain, but it is usually associated with her doing something she should not have done or missed meds. Yesterday, she wasn't able to do her part in her cheer at Ashlyn's pep rally. She said she could not do it because they didn't warm up, and during the first run-through, it hurt. When I asked what her part was, she said , "I do a handstand". (sigh) We will have to deal with that tonight.

Next up, travel dates..........

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Watch out comes the Woods' Family!