Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by....

We are having some major techno problems! First our internet service went out completely. We called the repairman, and 2 weeks later, he actually showed up. Nice. Now my laptop has decided to go insane. I am afraid it is about to crash completely, so we are using it only occasionally. For now, I am sneeking into my husband's office when I can to use the main computer, which doesn't seem to be affected at all. So you will not see me alot until I can get my laptop to the shop. (sigh)

In the mean time, we have had so much happen. The biggest news is that we received our LOA!!! Oh yes, after 158 agonizing days of waiting, we finally received that precious piece of paper on Feb. 1! We immediately signed and returned it. Holt said that we would most likely receive LOA about a week after Chinese New Year (somewhere around Feb 20th) and travel the last week of March or first week of April. They received our LOA at their agency about 4 hours after this conversation took place. So now we are looking at mid to late March! EEEEEEEEK! Our reaction was a bit mixed. We have waited so long for this document (a wait that could have been avoided had our agency done things a bit differently) that when we got it, we kind of felt like, "WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" It honestly took about a week for the sadness and frustration to fade and let the excitement return.

Then on Feb. 4, we received some updated pics of our sweet baby! She looks so much better in these photos than she did in the previous ones. Take a look:

We received updated measurements on Sydney two days after the photos. She is 26.6 inches tall and 16 pounds! Talk about tiny! This girl is a peanut. This new info has given me a chance to go thru all the clothes I have already bought and determine just what will still fit. I had charted her growth on a growth chart 4 months ago and used those estimated sizes to shop. I must have figured correctly because almost everything is about the right size, if not a little big! Some things are very winter-y, so we will have to see just what the season is when we get her. Also, we are going to be spending the biggest portion of our trip in Guangzhou, which is in the southern part and somewhat tropical. Right now the highs are in the upper 50's and lower 60's. So of course, Mommy will have to shop for some cute springtime outfits too! Somewhat better weather in Guangzhou than this long icy spell we are experiencing here in Missouri.

In other news, Ashlyn's basketball season is coming to a close in 2 weeks. It has been a long season, but a fun one too. I was thinking how nice it would be to not having a game or practice to go to for a while. Then Sarah's schedule for basketball/cheerleading came out. Oh yes, her season practices start this week. (sigh) She is not physically able to play basketball this year. That is a first for our family. She is still going to attempt to cheerlead. Right now as long as she stays on all her pain relievers, she can function pretty normally. I am looking forward to the day when she can get off all of the pain meds, but that day is not anywhere near yet.

In typical Missouri weather fashion, we have experienced a period of 50 & 60 degree days and now are in the middle of an ice storm. The girls have been off school the last two days and are off tomorrow as well. We have spent the last few days cleaning out closets and basically nesting. Oh and eating ourselves sick. Lots of baking takes place on snow days around here. This weather is not easy to resolve. It is about 3 inches of ice. Not snow, ice. It is beautiful, but dibilitating too. But it is also providing for a big slow down on activities which is nice.

So such is life at the Woods' house. I will post as often as I can, however I don't know how often that will be. Wayne is whining for his desk back as I type. Men just are not the best sharers, are they? hee hee


Carey said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! What wonderful pictures. Congratulations again!

John & Michelle said...

So glad to see an update from you! Looking forward to following your journey!