Friday, October 30, 2009


This past weekend we spent a day together.  With the busyness that has engulfed us, we are trying to carve out family time.  It is definately not easy to find time, but I can see my children growing into adults right before my eyes and I am determined to make the most of the time I have left with them living in my house.  It was a cool and crisp Saturday and we headed out to pick up Hannah and the boys.  We took off to a cute little feed store that has tons of pumpkins.  Wayne has recently finished a job that was along the way so we stopped to give it a test!  It is a series of climbing rocks that honestly does not look like much, but it was so fun to climb on them!

After our backs were killing us from climbing and lifting we finished playing, we headed on over to get our pumpkins.  All Sydney wanted was a "baby punkie".  We were all doing our best to talk her into a bigger size that we could actually carve.  So when we went inside to pay, the owners said that they had been watching her want the little one, and they just gave it to her.  So sweet.

We tried to sit the kids up on pumpkins to get a decent shot, but the little ones kept falling off their pumpkins.  It was so cute.  But we did get a semi-decent picture.

Sydney proudly loaded up her baby punkie and set it right beside her in her carseat.

Then we headed off for lunch and one more playground where my big girls got into a jumping competition.  Actually they were trying to jump out of the swings at the same exact time.  Didn't happen.

Eventually we got them off the swings, home, and carving pumpkins.

We tried to give Sydney's pumpkin Asian eyes, but they came out looking more evil than Asian.  She wasn't too sure she liked it.  In the end she preferred her baby punkie!

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