Monday, November 2, 2009

WE'RE GOING TO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday night was a gut-wrenching, stressful, wonderful, victorious night for our girls. 

We traveled nearly 3 hours Bell City to play in the regional championships.  Basically 16 teams were still in the running for State Championship and this night would slim it down to 4 teams. 

We first played Leopold, the team ranked 2nd in the state (we are ranked 4th).  It was a point for point match.  They had some big ole girls that could slam the ball!  We lost the first set which made all of our hearts just drop.  But our fighting Lady Bearcats have heart.  They fought their way back to win the next 2 sets and end Leopold's season. 

Next up, Bell City.  We were on their home court and expected their crowd to way out-cheer us.  Not so.  The Bearcat crowd was about 4 times as big and loud as the Bell City crowd!  (Don't they know this is VOLLEYBALL?!  Where were they?)   Again, good team, big girl that could jump to the moon, hang there, and then slam the ball.  We fell to them the first set, just to give us all heart attacks make it interesting.  Our little fighters came back and took the next two sets to give us a ticket to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So cool!  We head to Kansas City on Thursday for the Final Four playoffs!  We will have pool play on Friday, the top 2 teams from that play for 1st and the bottom 2 play for 3rd on Saturday.  I am so excited! 

Our little team this year is kind of a afterthought.  For years our community was looking forward to last years team to get to be varsity and take it all the way.  However they lost in districts.  This year was kind of thought to be a building year.  But our girls are have heart.  They are not arrogant, or conceited.  They want to win and are not afraid to fight for it!  They work so hard and we are so proud of them.  WE'RE GOING TO STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lori said...

I'm so happy that you are going to STATE because I get to see you!! Woo hoo!!! I told Macy and she is so excited too!

See you soon!

Nancy said...

I can't wait to go to KC is going to be sooo much fun...I just hope the girls realize that it is ok to win the first set ;)...I don't know how much more my heart can take!!