Friday, November 20, 2009

May Need Backup

Ever feel like you're losing the battle?



Nancy said...

At least she hasn't decorated the walls yet like Camron!

Hezra said...

oh no. not yours too. My Moriah had a Drs appt and had red ink on her tummy and tattoed her legs but I didn't know until we GOT there.(it was hidden for petes sake!!) it happens. I have permanent marker on one sofa done by my sweet neices daughter(thank God she's cute-- we say that often) I have dry erase marker under layers of primer and paint in every room of the house(did you know that stuff is harder to cover than permanent marker??) May I suggest keeping a can of Kilz and small container of every color of paint somewhere handy? lol and "sure fit slipcovers" I think they need my sofa as an ad " Sure fit--covers a multitude of sins" lol