Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piddling Around

I used to scrapbook like a mad woman.  I could spend hours cutting and pasting and creating beautiful photo albums.  I remember having all my stuff spread out all over the place, and me just happily snipping and glueing away.  But the older my big girls have gotten, the busier I have gotten.  And that is not even considering the wild Asian tornado in our house now.  I can't even remember making a decision to stop scrapbooking.  It just kind of happened.  I do remember messing around a little bit with digital scrapping before I quit.  I really liked it.  My family really liked how I could work on it during the day and they still had a dining room table to eat on!  I have been reading and studying how to tweak up some of our family photos.  Nothing major, just a little brightening and smoothing.  With my creative juices flowing, I decided to plant them onto a sheet together, and well, here is the results:

In both layouts, the top pic is the original.  In the closeup, I was trying to even out my complexion and hide a few wrinkles character lines.  I didn't quite get the results that I've seen from others, but you gotta work with what ya have.  In the bottom one, I was basically trying to lighten it all up.  But I think I got a little yellow-happy.  Oh well, it's a work in progress and I really had a good time piddling around with it.

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