Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Sweet Side Trip

While we were at the state tourney, we had a break on Saturday afternoon.  We know a family, through our blogs, that recently came home with their sweet daughter from the same orphanage as our Abbey.  Well we just could not pass up the oppurtunity to meet up with them!  So Lori directed us to a Panera Bread Co where we visited for an hour or so.  They are such a cute family.  It is amazing how 2 adoptive families can meet up and talk like they have known each other forever.  I cannot wait to visit them again, especially after Abbey gets here.

Sydney showing Macy her cup of ladybugs.  So gross!

Sydney is still too captivated by her bugs to smile.

Here is a precious picture that Lori sent me a couple months ago after she returned from China.  It was taken the day that Macy returned to Louyang to say goodbye to her friends.  This is Abbey hugging Macy.  Oh if they only had only known.......


Lori said...

I totally forgot that I had that picture of Abbey and Macy! What a sweet way to end your post about our fun visit together.

We had a fun time with you guys! I can't wait to meet Abbey, again!

Cari said...

very cool how God had that all planned out! :)

Nancy said...

That pic is so awesome!