Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We WON State!

Yup.  The little team that could became the little team that did!


We played pool play all day Saturday ending the day with a 5-1 record.  We lost the first set of the day which is soooooo typical of our girls.  We came out of pool play ranked first, with Winona ranked 2nd. 

It's funny because Winona is a school located about 60-70 miles from us and we were in Kansas City to play them for the title.  As we were leaving Saturday evening, a sweet old lady in a Winona shirt looked at me and said, "We could have saved everyone alot of trouble and money and settled this down south!"  So cute.

  After pool play we took a little side trip which I will tell you about later.

Then we had a big dinner with the team.  Our girls absolutely love to eat!  It is so funny to watch them!  They order big dinners and do not waste a bite.

At 1:30 Saturday afternoon we faced off for the winner-take-all game.  The first set was sooooo close but we won by two.  The next set, we just ran away with it!  So:


I took over 500 pictures this weekend!


Lori said...

GREAT pics!!! I was so stoked to get your text saying that you won!! Woo hoo!!

But golly, I'm so sorry the flu hit right afterward! Yuck! But at least it waited until after the tournament. :)

Madeleine said...


Oh that is terribly exciting. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUS ALL!!

And sorry about getting sick. Yuck.

Have a speedy recovery.