Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Talk about top of the mountain to down in the valley. 

We left Kansas City on top of the world.  We had won the state title and could not be happier.  We traveled out of downtown KC and stopped to get something to eat.  We all felt fine and enjoyed a victory dinner with the team. 

Three hours later, Sarah was sick with chills, cough, and congestion.  By the next day, her fever went over 103 and we were in the ER.  She was diagnosed with Type A flu that had already settled into her lungs forming a nice case of bronchitis.  Nice.  We got home from the ER and pharmacy at 3am Monday morning.  At 3:15am Sydney woke up with a cough and congestion.  By 6am her fever hit 103.8!  Off the the dr we went with her.  Yup, flu.  Thankfully our doc prescribed T*miflu for all of us.  So hopefully if the rest of us get it, it will be a mild case. 


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