Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Care package!

We have met a sweet adoptive family who will be traveling to pick up their daughter from Luoy*ng  on January 26th.  Kathleen volunteered to get a small package to Abbey for us.  So stinkin' exciting!
It is amazing what you can fit into a gallon bag and still get it to zip!

These are the pics that I sent her:

So at least she will have some idea what she is in for!
Pray for her.

(and yes, Lori, tell Macy to feel free to post any of these pics)


Hezra said...

oh wow! I am so excited FOR you. We have been wanting so badly to send things for our girls too! Maybe we will get to. They are in a Latin am. country. so,a little different. :-(

Patty said...

Great care package!! I think she'll love it, love the family photos too!

connie said...

Oh, Leah, I'm SO glad you commented on my blog. I'm very excited to follow your journey. Your Treasure in China is beautiful! We have made so many friends in MO!!!! In fact, we're making a trip there the middle of Feb!
I love your jewelry and think I'll go shopping :)
God's plans are amazing!!!