Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy Cow

How can I blink and nearly a month pass by?  Good thing when waiting for adoption paperwork to process, bad thing when trying to maintain a blog.

Oh well.

Christmas came and went.  I wish I could say it was one of those "most wonderful times of the year", but to be perfectly honest, it is one of the most stressful times for me.  And this year, I put alot of effort in order to make it better, and I still spent the weeks afterwards with the blues. 

I'm just being honest here.  I wish it were different, but there it is.


We are 38 days into waiting for our LOA, which is our final approval for Abbey.  The average wait time is around 80 days.  Some get it at 50, others get it at 120.  We waited 5 1/2 months for Sdney's.  I thought I was gonna loss my ever-lovin' mind.  Maybe this time it will balance out and we will be on the short end of the wait!


This past Sunday, we had to give our sweet exchange student back to her parents.  Annalina had been staying with some dear friends of ours since August.  She flew back to Germany on Sunday and we miss her terribly!  She is such a sweetie!  God used her visit to reassure me that Abbey can and will be happy here.  Anna struggled at first, but then relaxed and meshed into all our lives beautifully.  We hate to see her go, but she already has her plane tickets booked for a month long visit in August. 

We miss you baby!

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Lori said...

Oh Friend, I'm sorry you've been feeling blue. I hate happens to me too.

Your exchange student is darling! And you are so right...having her there was great preparation for Abbey. Adopting an older child is very much like having an exchange student...awkward at first but then gets better and better.

You are well on your way!!