Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ashlyn is a FRESHMAN!!

Ashlyn is a FRESHMAN in high school now! I cannot believe it. This summer we have basketball and volleyball leagues to help prepare for the coming season. I don't particularily love the invasion into our summer time, but I know she needs this time to adjust into highschool sports. Now Ashlyn has always been one of the smallest in her class and on the Jr. High teams she was a little shorter than the others, but now she is TINY. I keep wanting to jump out on the floor and knock the big girls away from her!! We have several of our youth group out there too and I have noticed that they take up for her really well. THANK YOU!!!! One of our youth, Kristen, really watches out for Ashlyn. Kristen is a tough girl, but a real sweetie too. She gave Ashlyn the nickname "PeeWee". But I guess that got too long, because now they call her "Pee". Isn't that nice. It sounds like she needs her diaper changed. Did I mention that my baby is a FRESHMAN! I can handle this.

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