Monday, March 16, 2009

Check these out!

I just wanted to let you all know about 2 great families that are fundraising for their next adoptions! The Oatsvall family is a sweet, sweet family that radiates God's love for orphans. I have been honored to follow along on their journey. They have taught me many thing without even trying. Just reading their story will bless you! Go here to meet them and here to shop! Also another sweet and crazy adoption mama has started a t-shirt business to help orphans. This family is a wonderful military family with a ton of sweet kiddos and making room for one more. Her love for orphans will inspire even the most doubtful heart. Spend just a little bit of time on her sight and you will be rejuvenated and empowered with a big "I can do this" attitude. Go here to meet her and here to shop!

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Amie@WildOlive said...

Thanks for posting and sportin' our Wild Olive Tees button! You have been entered into our giveaway!

So glad to see you have Gwens button too! Love to see people steppin' out to help more little ones come home!

Thanks for spreading the word!