Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One year....

Can it really be that my baby has been home one year? One year ago, we stood in a stuffy room with several others and chaotically received one of the biggest gifts of our life. That gift came to us in a very loud package. She grieved hard and fast and loud for the first 24 hours. Then it was as if she said, "OK, I'm in." Even after a year, I do not believe that I fully comprehend what all God is revealing to me through Sydney. He has taught me that:

~He knows me

~He knows my dreams and desires better than I do

~His plan for my life is what I want

~When I let go of control, that is when things are good

~I can not create anything that compares to what He has for me

~I do not need to be understood by the world

~I can depend on Him to walk me through uncertain areas

~The things of God are the only things worth pursuing

~Nothing is impossible with him

~His timing is perfect

~His love is perfect and personal and individual

~He hears every word I say to Him

~Even when I reject Him, He loves me

~Even when I complicate things, He still wants me

~He has a plan for my life

All these lessons came as a beautiful gift. I will forever praise You for leading our family down this road. When I stop to think about how scared we were and how misunderstood we were, I gasp. Usually in my life, I would have backed out when face with all that fear and confusion. I easily could have missed this. Thank You for leading and entrusting and guiding and pushing me to go forward. I will forever praise You for this:

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