Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl

(Thank you MM for the pic)
Today is your 13th birthday. 
In America, you would be thrilled that you are finally a teenager.  You would be thinking of how much older 13 sounds than 12.  12 year olds are children, but at 13 you are a TEENAGER! 
Is that how you feel today? 
Or is this birthday bitttersweet? 
This is your last birthday before you age out of the orphanage.  Are you wondering if someone is coming for you?  Are you thinking about all the others who have turned 13, then at 14 left, not to be seen again? 
Will you get any presents at all? 
The only gift I can give you this year is this:  WE ARE COMNG FOR YOU. 
We will not leave you as an orphan.  We will not let you age out and live as an adult at 14.  We will come for you and take you into our family to heal, to reclaim your childhood, to love, to protect, to provide for, to comfort, to become our daughter.  
We promise. 


Shelley said...

Your post makes me cry. I know God is working on me with these older girls. I am so thrilled that one more child is coming home and can't wait to follow along.

Steffie B. said...

OMW....I am me the details when you did you find long are you she SN? I am applauding you sweet girl....they all deserve families.....that is my struggle.....the older ones....they need homes.....