Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where' s Sydney?

I bet I say those two words twenty times each day.  Our little busy baby is always into something.  As a general rule:  if we can hear her, she's fine;  if she's quiet, you better start hunting her.  She is such a curious child and loves to get into everything in the house, causing mommy to run for the hair dye explore.  Case in point, we were getting ready for bed the other night, and I realized a certain quietness.  "Where's Sydney?"  We didn't see her but did see the couch cushions were all off the couch again and all unzipped again (hair dye).
However, upon closer inspection, I found this:
Sound asleep inside the couch cushion. ~sigh~
And just so you don't think that my other two girls are innocent bystanders:
Ashlyn walked in with this very innocent look on her face.
Where's Sydney?
They are nuts!


Carey said...

That's so cute, and so funny! She'll keep you on your toes! How did she even think to crawl into the couch cushion? What a peanut.

Michele said...

Hi! I am new here! I just wanted to tell you - that cracked me up!!! She is precious!