Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only God

Isn't God amazing?
He is so personal.
He is so precise.
He is so intimate. 
What He is to me, is different than what He is to you, but He's also the same. 
He leads each of us on our little journey through life knowing exactly what we need and where we are going next.
I remember when we felt the tug to adopt Sydney.  We waded through the mounds of paperwork.  Then when we saw her face I was amazed that this adorable creature had been in existance for over a year, and yet I knew nothing of it. 
She instantly became very precious to me, yet the week before I did not even know she existed.
 For. Over. A. Year.
That feeling has been very present with me again. 
Yes, again. 
Only more so.
For almost 13 years, a very precious girl has been in existance.
On the other side of the world.
Only I didn't know it yet.
And she is now so very, very, precious to me.
Yes, she is my daughter.
I hope to see her by summer.
So precious.
So amazing.
So precise.
So God.


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Carey said...

What?!? I had no idea!! Wow, that's amazing!! Congratulations!