Sunday, March 23, 2008


This morning was a free morning. It was nice to not have to get up early and get ready to go somewhere. I had forgotten how long it takes to get a baby ready to go. It seems like I am packing the whole house every time!

Sydney’s biggest accomplishment today was wearing shoes! She put them on and wore them all day! She cried when we put them on her before. I am not sure if she has ever had shoes on or not! She didn’t act like it. She continues to go to any of the four of us, but seems to prefer us to strangers. She is a feisty girl. She just fits in with us perfectly. God has a way, doesn’t He?

The afternoon was spent at a local elementary school. We visited the fifth grade English class! Not grammar, but English. It was so cute to watch them try their best English on us. We each stood up and told what we do for a living. We were a big hit when we told them we build playgrounds! Then we told them which state we are from and they would find it on the map. So cute! After that we were able to teach them a song. One of the girls in our group taught them the bunny hop that her family does every Easter! Ashlyn and Sarah got up and helped. You can see in the video that they children loved it!! Next they divided us up and showed us around the school. That school was loud! I don’t know if it was because we were there or maybe because it was Friday, but they were wound up!! Several of them told me I was very beautiful! Several others told Wayne he was very strong! So funny. It was very sad to think that Sydney would have never been able to go to school if she had stayed in the orphanage. Thank you, Jesus!

We went to dinner that night at the Cow and Bridge again. Sydney threw a plate and broke it. Nice. She has really started eating today. She wants to taste everything. But if she doesn’t like it, she won’t take anymore. Also if she is full, she is done!

Less than a week until we come home!


leas said...

Looking at your site every day.
Miss you all.
Lesa & Madz

Mathes said...

You look so cute Sidney. I cannot wait to play with you and make you laugh like the video.