Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She's Here!

What an absolutely unbelievable day. We arrived at the White Swan Hotel and had about an hour to clean up and get ready to go get Sydney. The stress was unreal. To start with, I do not like to be rushed. Added to that, I could not put two thoughts together to save my life. I needed to get a few things together for her in case we needed them. But I wasn't sure which suitcase I had put them in. Not to mention the required documents that we needed to take! Finally it was time to leave.

We loaded up the bus with the other 4 families in our group. We were all about to puke. The short bus ride seemed to take an hour! We walked in to the Civil Affairs building and it was so hot in there. No air. As we waited, we peeked through a curtained room off to the side and saw one of the babies! She was Mike and Debbie's. Then the tears really started flowing. We turned around and a man walked into our room with Sydney! He took her straight into the room with all the other babies. One by one we were called up to get our babies, (alphabetically of course!) The man, who was the director of her orphanage, brought her out and handed her to me!! She looked around for a few seconds and started bawling! All the other babies were pretty calm, but Sydney screamed! And she didn't stop. Wayne had to take her into the reception area so I could talk to the director. We had a short conversation with him, and it was time to go. I could not believe that we just walked in, got her, and they were letting us leave with this child!

She cried the most pitiful cry for about 3 hours. She would put her hands up to cover her eyes and just cry! It was heart wrenching. She was so scared and unsure of what was going on. We fixed her a bottle and she downed it! Although she was clean when we received her, we still wanted to bath her and check her over. Sarah put her swimsuit on and got in the tub with Syd. Let me tell you, this girl did not like it one bit! We got her out and lotioned her up. She has incredibly dry skin, kind of like eczema. She started scratching her neck and shoulders almost immediately. I got out the Aveeno Baby and started using it on her and that has seemed to help. She went down to sleep really easy and I laid her down in the crib. She was sound asleep and still snubbing. She slept all night, only wimpering in her sleep once.


Meghan said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

hey it is deb. i didnt no i could post like this. da. just got to seen the pictures she is beautiful and perfect. i wish i was there with you guys. give sydney lots of love and kisses for me. now that i know that is here i will leave comments at least so u can see that i do care when u get home if u cant see them now. ray came home today to deal with the waters a little. her is anxious to see the sydney to. i miss you leah it is time for u to come home. lots of good discusions with the youth. i think they have relized that they depend on you and your love and that they want you to no that they do need you. well i will go for now.

love and miss you guys lots.

love me