Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday 3/23

Happy Easter to all. We really missed home today. Something about being away from our traditions just made it not feel like Easter. No egg hunt, but we did get to go to church. We attended the only Christian church on the island. The service was in both English and Chinese. It was neat to see how familiar the service was. They sang “Because He Lives” in both languages. It was really cool to see Christianity in China. I was under the impression that we would see none of it. But several shopkeepers have asked us if we were believers in Jesus Christ. It is really cool to be on the other side of the Earth with people who seem to have nothing in common with us, only to discover that we share the same Father. I loved the service. They gave an Easter bookmark to all the first time attenders. Then they brought our the children to sing some songs. It was so sweet! There was even some boys in the front who were showing off for the crowd. Reminded me of Bryce and Jayden! After services we had Lucy’s for dinner. Hamburgers and fries for Easter dinner. Oh well. It is totally worth it just to have Sydney with us. She is such a joy to have around. She is totally cracking us up! She does the funniest things. During services I gave her a wet wipe to play with. She used it whip me with. She was cackling out loud while smacking me across the face with a nasty old wipe! Seems she is adjusting fine.

Sunday evening Holt arranged for us to take a river boat cruise on the Pearl River. It was a beautiful night and we had a really good time with all the other families. The city is lit up with neon lights every night. It was really nice, but not as nice as a quiet country evening listening to the peep frogs.

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