Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday 3/26

Another free day today. We are waiting for our U.S. Consulate appointment tomorrow. Then we are free to head for Oates!!!! We finished up some shopping and picked up a few things we had ordered. Other then that we packed and played with Sydney!

We had a group dinner with some of the other families tonight. Our group leaves over the course of 3 days. It is really hard to say goodbye to these people. We have only known them a few weeks, but they will be in our hearts forever. I feel such a connection with all of them and I will miss them greatly. We have exchanged blogs and emails and we plan to start a yahoo group to share pictures and such. But it won’t be the same as seeing them every day. We already have plans for reunions and I know we will be counting down the days until we can see each other again!


Carey said...

Are you home? If you are, you're probably so tired you're not checking your emails! Again, CONGRATULATIONS! She is so beautiful and sweet. God has blessed your family richly!

Beckyb said...

You all look so great - God is SO good!!!