Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today we went on a trip to the zoo. It was quite interesting. They had some of the sorriest looking deer I have ever seen. It wouldn't even hurt you car is you hit them! Also there was a huge display of squirrels. Too funny! The weird part was that in order to see most of the animals, you had to get on a trolly/train and ride through where the animals were just roaming around. We went by a camel that stood about 2 feet from where we were sitting! I just knew it was gonna spit! They had a ditch dug between the ride and the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) but it was not a big enough one for me to feel safe. Crazy!

After the zoo trip, the moms all went for a Chinese foot massage! I took Sarah and Ash with me. It was very nice! We got a 90 minute massage for $10 US. At the very end, they brought out this mud stuff with ginger in it. They gooped it on about a inch thich from our ankles to our knees. Then they pulled out these towels that were wet in boiling hot water, and laid them on top of the goop. We all started yelling that it was hot. They just rolled their eyes at us! When finally communicated to get them off now! Our legs were on fire for the rest of the night. Sarah ended up having a blister on her leg right below her knee! Definately not an experience we will ever forget!

We ate supper at the "Cow and Bridge" restaurant. I know. The name alone makes you want to question a few things. It was, however, the best Chinese we have had here in China. The sweet and sour chicken was yummy! They also had garlic bread! OOOOO that was good!

We are still having a blast getting to know this little girl! She is such a doll! We only try to accomplish one thing a day and today was the stroller. We have tried to put her in it several times and she becomes very unhappy. Our backs are really starting to scream though, so it was time to give it a serious try! We put her in, strapped her down, and took off. She cried. But not the hysterical cry, more of a whine. One of us walked up beside her the whole time. After a few minutes, she turned her head away and stopped whining. We thought we were good! However, she basically ignored us for about 3 hours. No smiles. Nothing. She wouldn't even look at us. She hasn't been in the stroller since then. Yes, she won.

Wayne petting a baby tiger.

Ashlyn and Sarah with the birds

Too much for this baby!

I'm not really sure what she is doing.

Sydney was ready to leave!

Our unforgettable massage:

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