Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Healthy and Old

Thank you all for your well wishes.  I am feeling much better now and am just patiently waiting to see who falls for it next.  Hopefully my coating the house with Lys*l will keep any of the other ones from getting it, but only time will tell. 

On Sunday the 7th, I had my 38th birthday.  We ususally don't make a huge deal out of birthdays in our family.  We just celebrate with each other without a big party or anything like that.  Ocasionally one of the girls will ask for a party, and we usually oblige.  But most of the time, we all want it to be just us.  Call us odd, but it works. 

The girls and Wayne did pick me out a cake and decorate it with squirty icing!
And can you believe it, Wayne took one picture.  I don't think I have taken one picture of an event ever.  I take like 100 so I can weed out the bad ones and keep the better. 
Especially if it is pictures of me!!!!
Anyhoo, here you go:

We had attended 2 separate volleyball tourneys that day, Wayne with Ashlyn, and Sydney & I with Sarah.
Talk about a long day.  Syd was not felling well and did not want to be in a gym watching volleyball for 9 hours.  Wish someone would have told me to go touch up my makeup, but I digress.

As the girls were decorating my cake, Sydney reallllly wanted to help.  Somehow she managed to sneak up behind them and add her own special touch to the cake with her peanut M*M's.  I wouldn't let them fix it and had to get a shot of it!

I see a future on the F**d Network!!!!


Lori said...

What? You're only 38??? Now that really annoys me. LOL. *Sigh* I need more company in the 40ish range, ya know? So hurry up! :)

The cake is a piece of artwork, no doubt about it. And I wish I was there with you to enjoy a piece...I've really been craving birthday cake lately. So...put on a pot of coffee, I'll be there in a *flash*!

**Macy is hard at work right now translating your letter! :)

Carey said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

And if 38 is old, I'm in trouble cuz I'll be there soon. Hmmmm...better enjoy 36 whilst I can! LOL Hope you had a great day!

living4him5 said...

Well, I knew I liked you! I turned 36 on the 7th!!!! Happy birthday birthday buddy!!!