Thursday, February 4, 2010

So So Sick

I spent yesterday cleaning house and organizing my new recipe box.  It was a slow and peaceful day until........

I had been emailing back and forth with my case worker, filling out our I800 financial info and whatnot.  She said everything looks good and was about to submit it.  I was so thrilled.  It has only been two days since our LOA and we were already movin' on!

Then she emailed me back, which was odd.  We had missed one signature line.  She had to have an original signature on the document, so emailing or faxing just wouldn't work.  OK we can handle this.  I was ready to just head out to our "local" UP$ store, 60 miles away.  We decided we had better call first, just to check when final drop off was.

Get ready for it....

We would miss it by 25 minutes.

Oh yeah, I was not happy.

It cannot go out until today, which means it can't get to the ageny 'til Friday.

1 missed signature.

25 minutes.

Cost us 2 days.

After all this, all I wanted was to get to bed.

About 1:00 am I awoke not feeling well at all.  I have apparently caught the stomach virus that is going around school.  Funny thing is none of the girls have had it yet.  I am the first!

Well ain't that just special!

Needless to say, it was a loooooong night with my head in the toilet.

And yes I am a bit grumpy.


Lori said...

OH NO!!!! As I recall, we had a mishap like that too. It's so frustrating, but still...remember that God certainly could have prompted you to sign that paper you missed.

And I'm super sorry you have been sick...stomach issues are the worst!! I hope you are back on your feet & on your way to UPS TODAY!!

living4him5 said...

You poor thing!!!! I've had two issues just like that and if I could, I would have kicked myself...LOL.

Hopefully, you're feeling better!!

Hang in there!