Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Earrings

I want to thank all of you for purchasing my earrings.  I wasn't sure if it would be worth my time, but you all have been so generous!  I love the bond that is shared between adoptive parents!

I have been working on some new earring designs.  I will post them here and then over on the sidebar.

Item #18
These are uniquely pretty.  They are made with stacked variously shaped stones in browns & tans.
Strung on gold wire, they are 1 5/8 inch long and $12.00.

Item #19
A shorter version of #18.
At 1 1/4 inches, they are also on gold wires and $10.00

Item #20
On silver wires hangs a bead of black and a shear crackle finish bead.
These hang 1 3/8 inches, and are $12.00.
Item #21
I really like these.  I have one pair strung on copper wire (pictured) and another on gold wire.
The focal bead is a creamy goldish tan with black swirls.
At 1 7/8 inches long, they're really pretty, the picture doesn't do it justice.
They are $12.00

Item #22
These are made with light pink acrylic beads on silver wires. My daughter really likes these beads!
They hang 1 3/8 inches and are $10.00.
Item #23
I really like these too!  They are made with a very light pink square bead with clear accents.
The square bead has a white swirl in it.  They are strung on silver.  Really unique and very pretty.
They are 1 5/8 inches long and $12.00.
Item #24
These are the same shape bead as #22 but in a brighter pink.
Really cute with a silver wire loop at the bottom of the bead.  These are 1 5/8 inches and $10.00.
Item #25
I added a clear accent bead to these. They feature the same bright pink bead as #24.
So cute on silver wire.
They hang 1 3/4 inches and are also $10.00.
Item #26
I LOVE THESE!  I just had to keep a pair for myself.
They are strung on gold wires and feature 4 different beads in brown, bronze, and tan.
These go with so many of my outfits.
They hang 2 inches long and are $12.00.
Item #27
I like these too.
They feature acrylic bronze hearts hanging from bronze wires.
They are 1 1/2 inches and are $10.00.
I also was able to get more of the tiger striped beads to make some more pairs of #10:

For details on how to order, see sidebar.
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living4him5 said...

Beautiful work! Do you have a button I can put on my blog???

I will for sure check them out in more detail to pick a pair for me.