Thursday, March 25, 2010


I know that I have been somewhat quiet lately. 

And there are reasons for that.

Some I will share with you and some I won't.

What I will share with you is this.  It has been a loooooong winter. 

You see, we own a constuction company and we live in a small midwest town.  I think sometimes it takes a while for things to trickle down to us.  For instance, the way we dress is probably a little bit behind the latest fashion trends, even though I know very little about that.  In the same way, I think the hard economic conditions have just now reached us.  We are just now starting to pick up work for the season.  And it's nearly APRIL!  As a result, we have had to dip deeply into our savings just to get by these last few months. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because of Abbey.  Our beautiful 13 year old daughter waiting on the other side of the world for us.  And we need to go get her.  Problem is:  we don't have the money to go.  As a matter of fact, we are about $7900 short of having the money to go.  GULP! 

I know that God's heart is for the orphan.  I know that he is in this.  I know that he led us here.  But while we are standing at the bottom of this mountain looking up, it looks HUGE.  We need nearly $8000 in 6 weeks!  GULP!  GULP! GULP!

But God....

I have been getting extremely anxious about this.  We have been faithful tithers for years and God has always provided.  I am trying to remain positive and surround myself with others who "get it".    I was coming home from church Tuesday night, (we are in revival at Black River Baptist Church!) and we were talking about a fundraiser that we are trying to plan.  And I told Wayne that I think I was gonna email Linny & Dwight and ask them to flood the gates of heaven with prayer for us.  I just love this family and I have learned soooooo much from them.  I just needed some encouragement and I knew that I could get it from Linny.  Well, busyness persued, and it is now it's Thursday.  I sat down to email her, but first I check her blog..... well you just gotta go read it for yourself!

If you have encouragement or questions, please contact me at or 
Wayne & Leah Woods
8226 Hwy J
Black MO 63625 


Lori in KY said...

Wow! I love that Linny's Crazy Love Party came at just the right time for you!!! I pray that you will be so overwhelmed with "HELP" that you will just stand back in amazement at what GOD has done!

living4him5 said...


I will be PRAYING your family is chosen. God will give you what you need to bring Abbey home and this just might be it!!!

Lifting you all in prayers!

Amy <><

Leah W said...

I have been going around and donating to all the people who are linked on Linny's site that have "chip in" buttons. besides that I don't know how to donate to people who don't.

just a thought, i would add one :)

btw, when I say I am donating to all I mean only a few dollars to each. but if everyone that read her blog did it what a difference it would make!

Talley Images said...

Oh I am so thankful that you are listening to God and being so faithful.... He is so good... do you have a paypal account?

Liz said...

God Bless you in this Awesme journey!!


thesevenofus said...

I would love to SEE Abbie. I know that many countries will not allow this. Can you post a pic of your newest blessing? Is it okay if I add a link to your blog from mine?

Bambi in Missouri

our site:

love said...

ok, hope that gets you a tiny step closer to abbey! i'm going to tweet this now and see if anyone will match my donation! 6 weeks....He can do it! =)

Shannon said...

Leah! I just came over from Crazy Love...I am an adoptive mama and have been praying about how to help more since we are not in a place where we are ready to adopt again...I have done a few give aways to help other adoptive families with their fundraising. Would you email me?

shannon_miller72 at