Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank you all that have reached out to our family.  It is not easy asking for help.  I absolutely love helping others and seriously get kind of excited when they share a need with me, because then I know what I can do to help.  I have had to have some serious talks with myself in order to put our need out there.  God's word tells me "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."  I don't know about you, but I need his grace every single day, so I need to prepare my heart to be a place to receive it.

I know he will provide the means to go get Abbey.  I absolutely know it.  I have several "God moments" from when we were beginning this journey to her that just confirmed to me that we were on his path.  We have several options still open.  We are seriously hoping to get our tax refund before we travel.  We have a fundraiser planned at our church on April 10th.  We will have a yard sale (several people have made some very generous large donations) and bar-b-que in the afternoon, and a gospel singing that night.  Our church family has been so generous to us during this adoption.  I truly think that they are seeing that God's heart is for the orphan and realizing that it is not only a "good" thing to do, it is an OBEDIENT thing to do.  And just look at this sweet face!

Takes my breath away.....Thank you Lord for the honor and priviledge of being her mom!

 We also have applied for many grants.  I really feel strongly about the Gift of Adoption one.  They give preference to lower income families (uhhhhh that would definately be us!) and harder to place children (have you met a 13 year old lately? jk)  I have also had several of you contact me with some fund raising ideas.  Keep them coming, we love the help.  I may try to do some sort of give away on the blog, I am just not sure how yet. 

Yesterday we received word from out agency that our Article 5 was picked up and delivered to the CC@@!  That means that we only have one step left- TA (travel approval, which gives us permission to enter their country to adopt Abbey).  Our case worker said to expect that in 3-5 weeks.  Can I get an amen!  It is both a blessing and a little fear-provoking that things are moving along.  The timing is truly being orchestrated by God and I do not have any control over it.  In the past, I would be miserable with that fact.  I would need to be in control in order to have peace.  But now, I have a peace about not being in control.  I just finished teaching an adult Bible study class where we did the Crazy Love study.  It was the second time through it for me, but the first time teaching it.  I think the biggest thing I received from it this time is that I cannot even imagine what God can do in my life if I will truly let go of my plans and control.  Simple thought, but not so simple to apply.  But, oh the peace that I have.  Wayne even mentioned yesterday that I was not freaking out on this adoption like I was in the last one, and I have more reasons to freak out in this one.  I just am resting and waiting. 

We are expecting an update on Abbey soon.  Hopefully with updated height/weight and photos!  I will be sure to post them as soon as I get them!


Lori said...

God is amazing in the way He provides for us...because it rarely comes from the places we suspect! It's actually very exciting! Your grants sound promising! I'll be praying that they come through for you.

We received updated photos and measurements on Macy so I'm sure you will too. I can't wait to see new pics of her!

Leah W said...

i don't know why i am crying while reading this, maybe I am just really excited for you guys and your abby :)