Thursday, March 18, 2010


Things are moving right along in our journey to Abbey. 

Our paperwork has been cabled to Guangzhou and we received our NVC letter,
which was also forwarded to Guangzhou.

So now we wait on our Article 5 to be issued.  Our agency says that this will happen on Monday March 29th.  Then we wait for our TA, which should about 3 weeks later, somewhere around the April 19th.  Then we go! 

Holy cow!

I have got to get busy.....


Lori said...

I love the pic. And I'm so excited that you are actually talking about real dates!! Woooo hooo!!

I need give you a call soon to talk about camp. :)

Sandy said...

Just been following for a short time, but the pictures and the dates, etc..Wow...My cousin Cj and cousin-in-love Amy (myfourblessings) are waiting for a date as well....This is exciting....YIPPEE JESUS...
Will be praying for your trip..
Love in Him,

living4him5 said...

I am sooooo very excited for you!!! I've been checking for updates. You'll be in China before you know it!

Many blessings,
Amy <><