Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abbey's First Swim

As we wait on the endless paperwork to be completed here in Guangzhou, we are learning all kinds of new things about our newest daughter.  For example, we have learned that Abbey has never gone swimming.  And since this hotel has an awesome pool, we just had to rectify this.  But  first, we had to convince her to get into a swimsuit.  This was no easy feat.  Finally we convinced her that she really could come out of the bathroom like this.  And with swimsuit, t-shirt, and shorts firmly in place, we headed to the pool.  We walked out onto the pool deck with her grinning and squeeking.  Not sure if she was delighted or terrified or a combination of both.  We spent about 30 minutes there before we managed to get our sweet girl into the water.  She really did like it, although she didn't let go of the edge for a second.  We are pretty sure that she concluded that her new family was nuts when Wayne, Ashlyn, and Sarah began dunking each other. 
When we asked today if she would like to go swimming again, we received a definate nooooooooo. 


Lori said...

Oh, poor girl!! We didn't attempt to get Macy into the pool in China. But ummm, we have a pool in our backyard so it should be interesting this summer. I did manage to get her to pick out a swimsuit. Not sure if she'll actually wear it though!!

Love the pics and updates!!

living4him5 said...

Bless her heart!!! She is an angel and in time, she'll be more comfortable in a swim suit.

Lovin all the pics!!

God bless,

Laura Hawkins said...

Hi Leah:

I think when she get home she will begin to love swimming as much as everyone else. Most things when we start, we don't like to much. As much as everyone uses your pool she will also be in the middle of it all. The girls will teach her how to swim or float in the water.

I am glad you are having a little time to enjoy your family while you are waiting on all the paperwork.

We love you all and you are all in our prays.


Janice said...

Oh how will we ever get her in the Black river with frogs, and fish and don't even think about telling her that there are snakes. She looks so precious and how brave like stepping off into a whole new life. Tell her we are praying for her strength and warn her we are all nuts about her and we joke a lot. Did you all hear that the bb boys are playing for first in their districts?? Me miss you all. Hope you are getting these posts.
Love and Prayers Dirk and Janice