Monday, May 17, 2010

Another day closer to home....

It's is early Monday morning here in GZ as Sydney decided to get up at 4:45am.  Her poor little time clock will never be the same again.  But we are up and watching Garfield and drawing ladybugs.  Mommy may have to join her for her nap this afternoon though.
Yesterday we kind took it easy in the morning.  We ate breakfast here at the hotel.  They have a huge breakfast buffet and the best coffee!  Abbey giggled when I got excited over the coffee.  And on my 5th cup, she was helping me pour in my creamer.  She might as well get used to me needing my coffee.  It is the best part of waking up, after all. 
After breakfast we headed back up to the room for awhile.  We actually have several English channels here which is helping.  Our guide in ZZ said that after the Olympics came to China that alot of western culture stayed with them.  I can tell a huge difference in the hair styles and clothing in just the last two years since we were here.  When we returned to the room after breakfast, the result show of American Idol was on!  We were so excited!  We had looked up online who went home this week, but now we definately won't this week.  We got to see it about 12 hours after you all do, so don't tell us!  Funny thing, there were several of the jokes, one in particular made by Ellen after Mike and Casey sang, that the Chinese government edited out.  We only knew about it because one of Ashlyn's friend told her.  But when we watched it here, they skipped over it. 
After American Idol, we headed to the Starbucks right acrossed the street.  Can you see a pattern.  We bought coffees and sweets.  Abbey tried her first caramel latte.  She did not like it at all but it was worth the money just to see the face she made.  So cute.  Sarah was able to get her hazelnut vanilla frappe, so she was a happy, happy girl.  Ash had what she labeled "the best bluebarry muffin in the world" and I loved a hazelnut latte!  Yum!
Next we met our guide for some sightseeing.  We all loaded on a bus (full size this time, thank goodness) and headed off to a local park.  And wouldn't you know t, just when I started to relax a little bit about the crazy driving, we were in a little accident,  A taxi cab cut us off and we bumped him.  It wasn't tramatic or anything, but it was still funny.  I knew it had to happen eventually!  The girls all jumped up and grabbed their cameras!  Too funny.
We eventually made it to the park and walked around a lake in the massively humid GZ heat.  We had only went about 1/4 of the way around it and we were drenched in sweat.  The temperature is only in the mid 80's but the heat index is 105-110.  HOT!!  But it was worth every drop of sweat just to see some grass and trees.  It felt a little more like home to just be surrounded with some nature!  When we got to the end of the lake, they had paddle boats for rent!  Well you know we just had to!  Abbey was not gonna get in. No way, no how!  Wayne finally convinced her and she loved it.  We raced each other around the lake.  Ashlyn and I won, (hey I paddled a little) and then we headed back. 
We finished up some adoption paperwork and then went to dinner at a Thai restaurant.  It was one of the better meals we have had here.  Wayne's stomach has settled down, and he is feeling better.  Not 100% yet, but much better.  Then we had our guide take us to a grocery store for some food for our room.  We've pretty much depleted all that I brought.  The grocery store was on the fourth floor of a shopping mall.  So we walk past the Chanel. Tommy, and Levi department, then go get our food, and walk back out through the mall.  Odd.
That about wraps up our day.  Today is the medical exam and tb test results.  We need prayer for this as it has been quite tramatic for some of the kids in the past.  I am pretty sure we will need to get an xray for Abbey's tb test, just like Sydney.  So please pray us through.

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