Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last day in Guangzhou

Today is the last day here in Guangzhou!!  Can you hear the joyous laughter radiating from us!!  We have loved our time here but are soooooooo ready to head home.  We will spend today packing (it will take a while, trust me)  and gathering last minute items.  Our guide will bring us Abbey's passport and immigration papers at 4:00 this evening and then we are done!  We leave the hotel at 5:30am Saturday morning (4:30pm Friday in MO)  and we will land in St. Louis at 7:45pm Saturday night, which will put us arriving at our home about midnight Saturday.  It will be a 31 hour trip toal. ~sigh~ 
I asked Abbey if she is ready to go home and she said yes. I am not sure that she understands just how long it will take us to get there and all the switching and waiting involved.  I plan on getting the translator out this afternoon and trying to get her up to speed on the plan.  Her cold had gotten quite a bit better but then we started running low on meds and started giving her 1/2 doses to get her through.  Now she is starting to get the cough back again.  I guess we will be heading to WalMart on the way home.  ~heehee~
I don't think I mentioned that we met another familly here.  We shared a guide with them while here in GZ.  They were a good Christian family that we really enjoyed spending time with.  They left on Wednesday and we have missed them ever since.  I will post a pic of Preston and Stephanie and sweet Miranda today.
Posting pics has proven to be somewhat difficult so I plan on trying to post several bunches of them throughout the day today.

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Laura Hawkins said...

Yessssss............Everyone is to excited that you are all coming home. I hope you get plenty of rest during our flight. Our prayers are with you. We love you all. Laura