Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are now in Zhengzhou and settled somewhat into the Holiday Inn here.  We are utterly exhausted.  Jet lag hit us all abour 3:30.  Ashlyn and Sarah are sound asleep.  Wayne is drifting in and out.  I just woke up from an hour nap.  Sydney fell asleep right before take off at 1:00 and slept through the entire flight and the ride to the hotel.  We have tried everything to get her up to no avail.  She is sound asleep!  And she has been for 4 hours!  We really need sleep tonight and not another 3:00am wake up, but it's not looking so good. 
We were met be our guide Sarah at the airport and she is a really nice girl!  Very helpful and can speak English very clearlly.  She brought us to the hotel and they had our two rooms on two separate floors!  They said if we wanted that we could have two rooms close together but they would be smoking rooms.  Our Sarah has asthma and so that was unacceptable.  Our guide handled it well and got us two rooms side by side that are non-smoking, well at least as non-smoking as there is in China.  It seems as if the scent of cigaretttes is everywhere, although I'm sure that's just us because we are never around it.  We are supposed to meet our guide in the lobby in 25 minutes to go eat dinner.  She is taking us to a noodle place.  Hmmmmm.  That is if I can wake anyone up.
We are to meet Abbey at 10:30 in the morning.  That will be 9:30pm Tuesday night at home.  I have so much to gather and do before morning but my mind is just so stinkin' fuzzy!   Wayne is supposed to be trying to wake up the girls and I see he is back asleep, so I had better go see what I can rouse........... 


Cari said...

oh you are bringing back so many memories from only two months ago for me. being that exhausted, but knowing that you still need to function is the worst! i'm praying that you will feel somewhat normal when you meet your daughter tomorrow. so excited for you!

Lori said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain with the jet lag! That is awful!! I'll pray that you all sleep well tonight!

We had Sarah as our guide in GZ. She's super nice!!

Nancy said...

Glad you all made it safe and sound...can't wait to pics of Abbey with her new family...Camron said to tell "Cindy" hello, haha..take care and see you guys real soon...sending prays your way!

Patty said...

So happy to see you are there and getting ready for meeting Abbey! I hope you are sleeping well now. I'll be praying everything goes smoothly tonight!

Laura Hawkins said...

Hi Leah: I am so proud for all of you. I know the trip was long, but it is so worth it. By the time you read this you will already have your daughter Abbey. God is SOOOOOOOOOO Good. We love you all.


Laura Hawkins said...

Hi Leah: Before I could send you a message, I had to have an account with goggle. I did that so now I am allow to send you messages.

I am so happy to hear you all made it safely. That is great that Sydney did so good on the glight. I can imagine that all of you are so tired. I hope you can get a little rest before all of the excitement starts.

We are so proud of you guys. God is giving you the most wonderful Mothers Day Gift anyone could ever ask for. I thank God that you and Wayne alway listen to what God has in Store for you.

God Bless you Leah. We love you all.

Laura & Dale

RayVen♥ said...

I WANT PICSSS!!!! AGGGH CAnt wait 2 meet her =) lol..

Nicole Chris and Samson said...

Hello Woods Family,
You are with Abbey now and we are thinking about you all. It seems like just yesterday when we were meeting Sydney and Samson. Love you guys.
The Duval Family