Monday, May 17, 2010

Medical exam

When God promised us he would not leave us.  He meant it. 
We had Abbey's medical exam today.  She had to have her tb test read.  If it was determined positive, then we would have to have a chest xray which would not only be more money, but it would be questionable because of her cold/deep cough.  In the US the two xrays could be easily distinquished, but we are definately not in the US.  If the xray is not clear than we would have to change our departure date and we could be here for a while longer while we straighten it out.  We looked at it yesterday and even took pictures of it and sent it to other adoptive parents to get some comparisons.  It pretty much was red swollen and very sore.  She didn;t even want us to touch it.  We all just knew that it was positive.  I was not a bit worried about her actually having tb.  Anyone who has been vaccinated for it or been exposed to it will test positive for the rest of their life.  We rallied some prayer warriors from around the US and some more here in China and went to bed thinking about her red swollen arm. 
And guess what.
We got up this morning and her arm is fine.  Just a little bit pink and not hardly sore at all.  Oh yeah, negative tb test!  WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!  And we had the sweetest female doctor in the world doing Abbey's exam! 
How great is our God! 
I shouldn't have even been surprised.  Look at all he has done for this sweet girl so far.......


Kim said...


I am THRILLED! God is so good! Patty and I were emailing back and forth last night and she ask me to pray for you guys concerning the medical exam/TB test and of course I did. I'm so happy to see another prayer answered...what a faith strengthener!

I am enjoying your journey....thanks for sharing.

Waiting mom of two handsome Luoyang boys, BaoBao and WenChun.


Carey said...

Thank you Lord! That is so awesome!