Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adoptions Update

I thought I would give y'all a quick update of where we all are in our adoptions. As many of you know, our friends, Deb & Raymond, are adopting a beautiful little girl from Korea. They have received their immigration papers, and are now waiting on one final document from Korea. There was not a average wait time given on how long they may wait for it. Faith will come home 30 days after they receive this last document. As for us, we are still waiting for our LOA from China. Our agency said the average wait is 3-12 weeks. We have waited 7 1/2 weeks. After we receive our LOA, we wait on a travel approval (TA) to enter China. It usually takes 2-5 weeks for TA. After we receive TA, we leave for China in a "couple weeks". We both hope to have our girls home for Christmas. The wait is getting increasingly harder each day. These girls are our babies and our arms physically ache to hold them. We want them home so badly! We will wait as long as it takes and do whatever it takes to get them. We know that God is the holder of time and respect that. Please pray that we will wait with a humble spirit. Pray that we will complete what ever needs done during this wait. Please pray for peace and contentment for us during this time.

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