Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We have a Merciful God

Last night, we were supposed to have a home volleyball against one of our neighboring schools, Viburnum. When you live in a rural community, everyone knows everyone. We have so many good friends on Viburnum's team, as well as many family members. The Viburnum bus wrecked about one mile from my home. There were 28 people on the bus and it rolled over twice. Again, in a rural community, everyone has to help out in these situations. When I arrived, it was a startling scene. Although no injuries were life-threatening, most of the girls were on back boards. I went around and prayed with them, covered them with blankets, and tried to comfort the upset. God is so good. The accident was terrible and He spared all their lives. Everyone is saying, "They were so lucky". But I know that my God is always present and always in control, and He is merciful. Please pray for these girls. As I slept last night, my dreams were not pleasant. The broken bones and cuts will heal, but there will also be some mental and emotional wounds. Please pray for their peace and healing. God has given me such a heart for teens. This event is one that will stay with me for a long time.

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Carey said...

Oh, Leah how awful! Praise the Lord no one was seriously hurt. But yes, this will affect them. Praying for them and for you.