Saturday, October 6, 2007

True Love Waits Date Night

Friday night, we took the Cross-Eyed Youth on another True Love Waits Date Night. We teach the study every February, and then for the next year, we take those who completed it and took the pledge out on date nights. We are trying to redefine what dating looks like to teens. God should be a part of every aspect of our lives - not just on Sunday mornings! Last night, we took the kids to see "Game Plan". Some of the kids had to be cool, and gripe a bit about seeing a "kids movie". But those kids laughed all the way through the show! I laughed at them. It was a really cute movie. I would recommend it to anyone. The only questionable part was during the partying time of his life, but even that was mild and portrayed as the life he wanted out of. We then went out to eat. And of course what would a date be without going to WalMart! Yes, we might be rednecks. Seriously, as the kids were loading the bus at the restaurant, they were asking, "Are we going to WalMart?" Too funny. Just part of living an hour from a city, I suppose. I just love these kids so much. They feel like part of my family. Thank you God for leading me into youth ministry!

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